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A product consumed by thousands of people daily by mixing just a single scoop with their prefered cold beverage. It's Earth's oldest & best kept secret. Cellular nutrition in it's most purest form, Gaditana Original has too many benefits to'll have to read the reviews and watch the videos to learn about the amazing potential Gaditana can have on your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaditana Original exactly?  

Gaditana Original is the specific Phytoplankton strain discovered by David Hunter for human and pet nutrition.  Phytoplankton is the foundation of life, food, and nutrition.  It is the most abundant plant on Earth, it is the only plant life that supports an entire ecosystem (the ocean) and produces the majority of oxygen on the planet.  It is literally “Nutrition” in its purest form.

How does Gaditana Original have such good results?  

Multiple research is showing that there is measurable positive activity going on inside a human or pet when this is consumed.  Nothing has been reported negative.  If you just use logic, understand this is a pure form of nutrition.   Everyone knows nutritious food is good for you. 

We believe our food and nutrition is compromised and over time it generates mild to severe health issues.  The body is starving for nutrition, micro nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants, etc that it NEEDS to operate the body.  

If the body receives what it is missing, the body can heal itself.  It’s very simple law of cause and effect. 

This ironically has never been discovered before, so this is why these results were never seen before.  

Can I take Gaditana Original on medications?  

Yes.  This is marketed as a supplement but in its essence is The Original Whole Food.  So put it this way.   If you are on medications, are you better off eating healthy or eating fast food?  Does your doctor recommend to eat ice cream and chocolate bars or would they suggest to eat a balanced nutritious diet? 

If you do have a compromised diet, this is probably the reason you are unhealthy and this is why you need Gaditana Original even more!

Regarding Blood Pressure and Thyroid medication.   Since this is grown in an enclosed system there is only a trace of Vitamin K and Iodine.  In essence.  If you can eat a green salad you can take Gaditana Original. 

Are you harvesting this from the ocean?  

No, this is grown via ancient heirloom seed in an enclosed set of tubes in micro filtered ocean water. (yes there is a protected Phytoplankton seed bank)  Even better, over time this could be the catalyst to end the harvesting of Krill, an essential food source for ocean life.  (Krill eat Phytoplankton, this is the beginning of the food web).

I've seen other Phytoplankon products.   What’s the difference?  

All Phytoplankton you see online is rooted in David Hunter’s efforts.  If it is cheap….it is a copycat and they don’t care about your end-result.   They put their product there to “catch the budget friendly consumer who doesn’t know the history of this precious nutrient”  It is grown in artificial seawater (fish behave unnaturally in artificial seawater).  The product looks differently under a microscope (like a discount ugly vegetable) doesn’t get the results and can’t supply contract manufacturers with the proper safety documentation. 

If the product is a bit more expensive, it is most likely an innovation David Hunter was a part of before this opportunity was conceived.   Gaditana Original is about helping people, and making a change; not selling another supplement.

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