is a proven, natural, powerful, plant-based ingredient that will take your new or existing product ideas to the next level!


Our Phytoplankton Focused Services Include: 

• Strategic Consulting Assistance
• Product Development Assistance
• Raw products procurement Assistance
• FDA/Health Canada Assistance
• Contract Manufacturing
• CBD – Phytoplankton Applications
• Collaborations
• Custom Formulations
• Raw Material Supply (pure powder, lotion extracts, culinary ingredients)
• Design Services, Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Distribution.

CEO of Blugenics Innovations® brings the incredible nutritional benefits of marine phytoplankton into the marketplace with a bloom of profits.

We distribute only the purest and highest quality phytoplankton on the market. Guaranteed!

Marine microalgae are an exceptional natural resource for obtaining high-quality products, with many applications in such important fields as, health and nutrition, beauty and skin care, nutrition as well as the lucrative pet food industry. For more than a decade, Marine Phytoplankton has been leading the scientific and technological development of marine microalgae cultivation worldwide.

Our mission is to provide solutions to society, through the development of production methods and sustainable products, both environmental and economic.

The technology that we apply to our processes is unique, and has been developed exclusively for our farming facilities by our Engineering and R & D departments. All this has allowed us to achieve a high degree of development in industrial solutions and the products that we market today. In Marine Phytoplankton, we use the species and production processes that best fit the requirements of our customers, in each of the sectors in which we work, and with the utmost commitment to quality and food safety.

We are committed to innovation, responsibility, efficiency, sustainability and quality, as the pillars that have consolidated our success.  We continue to grow, adapting production processes to the industry, incorporating new products to the market, researching and leading the specialized production of microalgae.

David Hunter, CEO
Blugenics Innovations Inc

Our Phytoplankton is grown in closed photobioreactors on land and not taken from the ocean. The only by-product produced is pure clean oxygen. 100% automated and SCADA controlled.

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