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Our unique phytoplankton Strain

The same phytoplankton powder in the history-making Karen ® brand. This foundational marine phytoplankton strain broke all the rules in marketing. Criticized for taste and still broke sales records. Criticized for being too expensive and the larger size still sells the most in volume and dollar value. Why is Karen still a number one seller in a pharmacy surrounded by a sea of competition? It works…end of story.


Nannochloropsis Gaditana (Gaditae®) nutritional breakdown

easy algae® Dermo Cosmetic Lotion Extract

Using the popular Gaditae® strain in an all natural solvent, you need to consider Phytoplankton on your next cosmetic lotion product developments or be left way behind.

If you are looking to formulate with an extract that just simply gets eye-popping, non-deniable results. You can look no further. This extract has an impossible to copy 5 Phytoplankton strain blend. Other attributes are a clinical trial with the Psoriasis Foundation Of Spain and many in-vitro tests showing Angiogenesis, Collagen Promotion, Apoptosis, and more. At the end of the day, hundreds of before and after photos don’t lie.

Dermo-Cosmetic Clinical Trial Results

Phytoplankton for cooking

Not only is this flavor enhancer/spice being used by the likes of Gordon Ramsey it also has a flavor profile and price to be used by all restaurants, value-added seafood processors, vegan/vegetarian food processors, pasta companies, sushi companies, and home chefs alike. Also containing a Vegan source of Vitamin B12) and Certified Allergy Free. Perfect for the companies noted above and also E-commerce and brick and mortar retailers who cater to people who love to cook.  

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Have a product idea?

We’re the team to make it happen.

We have taken seed ideas and have turned them into multi-million dollar ventures. Blugenics has an exceptional track record as well as the highest standards of raw material, the strongest industry alliances and with the widest and deepest distribution channels.

Blugenics is in the phytoplankton business first and foremost to help humans and their pets get the proper nutritional support they need to live happy lives. We are on a mission to turn the nutrition industry upside down using mother nature’s original multivitamin.

If you are in the health and wellness industry and want to upgrade your product lines with the power of phytoplankton, then give us a call and we’ll help you offer the highest quality phytoplankton to your customers.

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