Also known as microalgae, phytoplankton has a complete nutritional profile that nourishes all marine life. As one of the very first life forms on earth, phytoplankton has an incredibly rich history and impressive track record of sustaining ocean life since the beginning of time. In fact, these microscopic marine plants have also generated and sustained most of the oxygen we breathe. How’s that for a resume for a living organism the size of a red blood cell?

The quality of the raw material you work with is very important to us.

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Our unique phytoplankton Strain 

Since phytoplankton has surfaced as a new superfood, there are only a limited number of producers. To ensure the phytoplankton you consume is non-toxic and entirely safe for consumption, it is important to choose a phytoplankton product that is certified according to strict global food safety protocols. To ensure the product is allergen-free, choose a brand that is produced in an indoor, controlled facility. Our Phytoplankton is licensed by Health Canada.

If you are looking to offer a healthy product, with a high nutritional value, and a high level of bio-availability, you will have to include our Gaditae® Phytoplankton into your innovative product ideas. Phytoplankton is truly the origin of nutrition and life on Earth; it would only make sense to start at the source. 


easy algae® Dermo Cosmetic Lotion Extract

Using the popular Gaditae® strain in an all natural solvent, you need to consider Phytoplankton on your next cosmetic lotion product developments or be left way behind.

If you are looking to formulate with an extract that just simply gets eye-popping, non-deniable results like Hydration, Anti-wrinkle, Antioxidant enhancer, improvement of ageing spots, anti-cellulite;  look no more! This Blugenics Phytoplankton Extract includes all those benefits plus the fact of being a 100% natural product. Other attributes are; a clinical trial with the Psoriasis Foundation Of Spain and many in-vitro tests showing Angiogenesis, Collagen Promotion, Apoptosis, and more.  Hundreds of before and after photos don’t lie. The extract also contains a blend of 5 different phytoplankton strains which makes it a very complete formulation for your innovative products.  Join us in the Phytoplankton gold rush that is about to occur in the market very soon.

*Works differently for everyone.

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