We are the team with the experience and backing necessary to put your phytoplankton based product ideas into the marketplace.

Nutritional supplements
sports nutrition
healthy snacks
nutritional and energy bars
value-added food products
culinary innovations for grocery and food service
dermo-cosmetic skin lotions, soaps, shampoos, and all the above for the
pet industry

Whether you are doing a new power bar, soap, body lotion, dog biscuit, a nutritional supplement for the mass market, or a vegan hot dog — we can help. We also have the ability to help you get your idea manufactured from the conceptual to the finished product if needed.

Give us a call today and introduce us to your vision and we can quickly evaluate the level of participation and costs involved to undertake your project.



Blugenics® has the know-how and ability to have your product successfully manufactured with one of our exceptional industry partners. If you need assistance with your manufacturing we can help you through some or all of the various processes involved in getting your product to market.


Many people are looking to enter the CBD marketplace or are looking to enhance their existing product lines. Blugenics® currently has openings to partner with the right CBD companies. CBD and phytoplankton are a perfect combination and a perfect way to strengthen your CBD offerings.


Used by Michelin Star Chefs in Europe, this smoked oyster smelling and tasting strain is a new unique taste that can give your restaurant, seafood product and or distribution business a cutting edge over the competition. Perfect for distributors who service Sushi restaurants, Clam Chowder manufacturers, Restaurant chains who serve Seafood, Executive Chefs, Seafood Retail Stores, Frozen Seafood Processing Manufacturers


If you are a manufacturer of lotions, soaps, creams, shampoos, shower gels, have strong distribution, and want a competitive advantage you will want to learn more about the extract that we use in our Karen Dermo Cosmetic Lotion that is getting so much attention.


Blugenics® also has an experienced design studio ready to help you with your product development and packaging design needs.

Do you have a product idea where phytoplankton can help differentiate you from the competition? We’re the team to make it happen.

We have taken seed ideas and have turned them into multi-million dollar ventures. Blugenics® has an exceptional track record as well as the highest standards of raw material, the strongest industry alliances and with the widest and deepest distribution channels.

Blugenics® is in the phytoplankton business first and foremost to help humans and their pets get the proper nutritional support they need to live happy lives. We are on a mission to turn the nutrition industry upside down using mother nature’s original multivitamin.

If you are in the health and wellness industry and want to upgrade your product lines with the power of phytoplankton, then give us a call and we’ll help you offer the highest quality phytoplankton to your customers.

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