What makes Karen® better than other phytoplankton products?
Karen’s® biggest strength is that she is the only brand that focuses solely on Phytoplankton from start to finish. This commitment and focus is what we feel is driving the manifestation of tens of thousands of happy customers. When you purchase Karen you know you are starting your journey with the market leader and a product that is now being used by NHL players.
What can I expect after taking Karen® for 30 days?

Karen Phytoplankton provides nutritional support from day one. When looking to take Karen to help resolve negative health effects time frames + results will vary, we recommend that you will need a minimum of 30 days at 250mg per day and may need longer for optimal results.

Are there any side effects from taking Karen®?

Detox symptoms can take place for some customers which can show as digestive upset/bowel movement changes, frequent urination, increased sweating, acne, headaches but is not limited to this. Most customers do not experience this, however, it can happen. 

Is Karen Phytoplankton safe to take if I have a seafood or fish allergy?

Yes, Karen Phytoplankton is 100% plant based ( algae to be more specific ) and is safe for anyone with these types of serious allergies.

Is Karen Phytoplankton safe to take during pregnancy?

Yes, Karen Phytoplankton has been taken safely by many women during pregnancy, we do suggest/recommend that it is always best to speak to your doctor prior to starting for the best feedback related to your personal medical history.

The box says “take 4 times daily”, do I need to take this much?

We recommend to start with 250mg per day (equal to one tablet/half a scoop of powder) this is the daily minimal amount needed for general health maintenance + nutritional support. You can take up to 1000mg per day (equal to 4 tablets/two level scoops of powder) if wanted/needed for the daily maximum of 1000mg. You can take larger amounts (greater than 250mg) at the same time or split the amount up through the day.

Will Karen® Phytoplantkon interact with my medication?

Karen® Phytoplankton is safe to take with most medications, that being said it is always best to seek out feedback related to your personal medication history through your pharmacist to review your medication info. Customers being treated with blood thinners need to have a chat first prior to starting as Karen does contain a trace amount of vitamin K to ensure they are safe to take our product.

Is Karen safe for me to take with my health condition?

Where we have many success stories with our customers finding great benefits while dealing with various types of medical issues, we encourage all customers to be their best advocate. It is always best to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns as they have access to your medical history and can answer specific questions related to you.

What is the best time to take Karen Phytoplankton?

Our customer’s preference is to take Karen Phytoplankton first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach. This may not work for all customer’s so it is worth noting that Karen can be personalized to your daily routine as to what works best for you.

How do I best use Karen’s Dermo Cosmetic Lotion?

Our lotion is best used twice daily. Avoid any application to open or cracked skin. It is best to apply our lotion around the affected areas to allow the extract to work its way in slowly. Once the areas have calmed/closed, you can begin to apply directly. We do not recommend the use of our lotion on children younger than 2 years of age.

Is Karen® lotion tested on animals?
No the Karen® lotion was not tested on any animals.
I love your product, where can I share my testimonial?

We love it when our customers want to share their experience! Please email your testimonial to Please 
include a non-altered photo of you holding your favorite Karen product + include your mailing address to receive a thank you parcel.

Privacy policy
We recognize that you will be sending us personal information when you order online. We promise that all information will be kept internal and private and will not be sold or redistributed to any third party.

When you sign up to order online we may contact you by email or phone to see how your experience with Karen is going. If you do not wish to be contacted, email or call 1-844-807-0245 to opt-out of our follow-ups. Or alternatively, choose ‘Checkout as Guest’ and you will not be contacted.

Please ensure the address information is correct including apartment or suite number if applicable. Any charges related to undeliverable mail and reshipping of the product will be the responsibility of the customer.
If I find that I am not happy with my results, how do I go about a refund?

We regret when customers are not happy with our product/their experience but understand this can happen from time to time. We back all Karen Phytoplankton products with a 30-day money back guarantee with your first purchase. Please see the “Shipping + Returns “ link for helpful details on this process.

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